Paul Perger
150822 - 222 B

Perger Photography

Welcome to my new website. If you have visited Perger Photography in the past, you certainly notice some changes.  For one, all of my old Galleries are no longer here.  I changed web hosting companies and I have not migrated all of those galleries to this new platform.  I STILL HAVE THEM, so if you came here to find a photo, or an event from the past, please contact me.  I will make sure you have access to what you came for.

My new site has several new features.  Here are some tips for navigation...

On the left side of the screen, all of the current Gallery Sets are listed.  Click on the Gallery set you would like to peruse.  Within each Gallery Set are Galleries and a "Keyword Search" feature.  Every key word associated with photos in that Gallery Set will be displayed when you click on a word in the "cloud".  So, if you want to see photos of a certain player, a click on that keyword will filter the photos so those are the only photos you see.

Another feature of my new site is that I am not charging for downloads or prints.  You can still order prints, but the print pricing and lab work is done by Smug Mug, my new site host, not by me.  I chose Smug Mug because their pricing is very fair (lower than I would charge!) and the cost for me to host the photos here is minimal. 

There is still a cost to me, and obviously there are equipment costs, etc.  If you would like to help me cover those costs, you can donate via the button below.  This is by NO means required.  You can download FULL resolution versions of every photo you see here and print yourself, or you can have them printed at your favorite printer, or you can order directly from Smug Mug, whose pricing and quality can't be beat.  If you want to contribute to help cover my costs, or to say "Thank You", it will be much appreciated.

If you have any questions about my site, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Until His work in me is complete...


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